Bringing Our Community Together to Care for Our Lake

Formed in 2017, the Friends of Vancouver Lake’s mission is preserving and enhancing the environmental and recreational qualities of Vancouver Lake. The Friends are working to build and strengthen this community’s commitment to our Lake by gathering allies and raising money to support development of a lake management plan and to improve water quality.

Our Accomplishments


In 2017, an infestation of Eurasian Milfoil, an invasive aquatic plant, was discovered. In the spring of 2020, with the help of the Port of Vancouver, Clark County, & concerned citizens, the Friends successfully treated the Lake. We hope to continue this success.

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The citizens of Clark County have historically played a caretaker role. With the Port of Vancouver, Clark County, & the help of concerned citizens, we can ensure Vancouver Lake remains our communities most beautiful and expressive feature.

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The Lake’s has many challenges like invasive weeds and noxious algae blooms – but these problems can be solved with thoughtful and consistent management. The Friends are working on plans to tackle other issues that arise at our Lake.

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