Our Mission

We want to save Vancouver Lake for its recreational purposes and
economic potential. Milfoil is a notorious noxious weed that has
devastated many boating communities. Control needs to be
aggressive and happen early to have a chance to save economic
and recreational opportunities. We have labor, we need money.

The problem with Milfoil

Milfoil notoriously clogs waterways and blocks boating and
swimming opportunities. It grows rapidly and spreads by
fragmentation. That means any boat, swimmer, fish, or wind that
breaks off a piece contributes to its advancement. Lake users
noticed milfoil two years ago. This year it began encroaching
into boating lanes. It is predicted to fill the lake completely in
three years, strongly harming the recreational potential of the

What is already being done

Local groups are monitoring the invasive milfoil and have applied
for a grant to study milfoil in the lake and to find a long term
solution (WDFW, Country Parks, Ecology). A weed board permit
has been applied for and community support is being rallied.

What we need

Milfoil control costs tend to balloon. We estimate that control
now will cost $120,ooo. Next year that number rises to $240,000.
Delays result in compounding issues as well, as milfoil biomass
contributes to eutrophication and will exacerbate cyanobacterias
bloom problems. Local groups can input labor and contribute
some funding, but can not carry the cost.