Our Mission

To share our "Vision for Vancouver Lake" to restore water quality in the lake and lay the foundation for recreational, cultural, and
economic opportunities.


Now & the Future

Improve water quality to support year round access and

Build a connection to nature by providing healthy outdoor

Create a catalyst for sustainable growth
and a model for restorative environments

Design a waterfront destination blending
built and natural environments

Improve habitat for fish and wildlife

The Milfoil Problem

Lake users began noticing milfoil in 2018. It was predicted to fill the lake completely in three years. Through dogged determination and the support of many allies, FoVL and the rowing club ultimately gained approval to use newly-approved ProcellaCOR to treat the Lake’s Eurasian Milfoil. FoVL also began extensive fundraising efforts gaining support from hundreds of Clark County citizens and significant donations from the Firstenburg Foundation and the Ed and Dollie Lynch Foundation as well as contributions from Clark County and the Port of Vancouver USA.

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